Sports Rehabilitation


What is Sports Rehabilitation?
A graduate Sports rehabilitator is an autonomous healthcare practitioner specialising in musculoskeletal management, exercise based rehabilitation and fitness.

What we offer:
Rehabilitation on a different basis, rather than coming for a treatment session, the consultation could include options of treatments, working in the gym (using the new facilitates on offer), a written programme of exercises, attening classes or 1-1 gym session is also available as part of your consultations. This concept at UMove is to bring a new direction of working with the client, together helping to maintain/gain independant relief for your pain/symptoms towards the best recovery for you.

Sports injuries can commence from numerous sporting activties and can be primary or secondary source of your pain/injury. It can be caused from a direct trauma to a gradual build up problem. However most of the time this can be managed through a vast variety of treatments, and prevention methods.
Samantha has a vast knowledge of treating sporting injuries, as from competing herself and understands the physical demands a sport can have upon our human body, hence she has specialised into sporting rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation isn’t as difficult as you may think, and the road back to your former strength may be considerably shorter than expected. Our approach is to help you make a complete recovery with the greatest possible care taken.

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