Questions & Answers

What should I bring with me to my appointments, massage and classes?
Be in comfortable sportswear. Please bring shorts if the condition is your lower limb. You may need a drink for during & after exercise, however a complimentary water fountain is on site.

At your first appointment we will discuss your medical history, please come prepared with a list of your medication, x-ray or scan reports. If attending a Pre/post natal class please bring your medical health book to every class.

How quickly can I be seen?
Samantha will try to offer you an appointment as soon as possible within UMove opening hours that will suit you.


Is massage more useful at particular times? Book in if you up your training.

“Muscular tightness can cause discomfort and injury if untreated,” says Western. But there’s little evidence pre-event massage boosts performance, says Iain Fletcher, senior lecturer in sports biomechanics at the University of Bedfordshire.

“Massage stretches muscles and fasciae, decreasing stiffness, and so making movements slower. Post-exercise, I can see a benefit, though,” he says. The best type of massage is also a matter of timing.

“The depth should vary according to your training,” says Pavey. “I find light massage helpful straight after a hard session, then stronger the next day.”

Maintenance massage shouldn’t conflict with performance or recovery, says Michael McGillycuddy, author of Massage for Sport Performance (£23.99, Human Kinetics). “It can be deep, addressing chronic injuries, increasing flexibility and enhancing neurological pathways.” Ideal before you tackle the cryptic crossword, then.

So I’m going to feel less sore afterwards? There’s the rub indeed.

And yes, you are. Expert opinion now holds that muscle soreness isn’t caused by lactic buildup, but by microscopic damage to muscle fibres. But according to Lacey, massage still has the power to soothe by promoting healing through breaking down fibrous tissue and adhesions.

An Ohio State University review of 27 studies backs this, finding evidence that massage therapy can alleviate symptoms of the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

“You may find massage best a couple of days after a hard workout or race to allow initial soreness and stiffness to subside,” says Pavey. By that point you should just about be able to hobble to the appointment, too.



The subject of prevention and fitness is extremely important. Our professional instruction will provide you with a tailor-made strengthening and exercise programme based on your needs. In addition to targeting specific problem areas, this programme helps you achieve an all-round feeling of wellbeing.

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