Due to a fractured elbow I contacted UMove to discuss physio options. I discussed my injury with Sammy who was professional and provided an excellent service. She suggested acupuncture for pain relief and the whole experience was not only successful but delivered with respect and professionalism. Sammy reassured and explained the procedure throughout and I would not hesitate to use her again. The services provided by UMove are first class with friendly approachable staff whom a professional and dedicated to their patents and services. Thank you Sammy.

Mrs. G Wilson

I started Pilates with Sammy when I was pregnant and suffering with a pelvic condition. It helped me so much during my pregnancy, that I continued it afterwards. The classes are now my weekly sanctuary from the noise of two children and have proved hugely beneficial for a long term lower back problem and poor flexibility. I can’t recommend Sammy’s classes highly enough.


I had trouble with my back for a long time until Sammy at UMove treated me, she is very friendly and professional. She carried out a full assessment and carried out a course of treatment (massage and acupuncture), which has relieved my back pain. She also gave me exercises to continue doing to help prevent further episodes of pain. I cannot fault her and would highly recommend her.

Miss K. Toner

Through my first pregnancy I suffered with back pain, sciatica, general aches and pains, tiredness (as you'd expect) and laour wasn't easy. So when I found out I was pregnant with my second child and knowing I have a 1 year old to run after, I knew this time round I would need help. This help was found in Sammy at UMove doing the pregnancy pilates class. Sammy is very professional, I found myself welcomed into a calm, relaxing and friendly environment. In a small group of 6-8, I found Sammy was attentive to all our individual needs. Within just a few weeks I began to feel the benefits, no back pain due to how I had changed my posture myself (learnt in class), no sciatica throughout the pregnancy, which was a relief! I also found I generally had more energy. In labour I found breathing techniques and the change in posture very beneficial, no pain relief needed. Everything needed for a class was provided by UMove, there was always fresh water available and I felt very well looked after. I would recommend the UMove Pilates class from early pregnancy throughout.

Mrs M. Wake
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